Kwekwe Central Constituency’s ruling party aspirant, Kandros Mugabe has said he is not, in any way, moved by rivals using the social media to discredit his candidature ahead of anticipated primary elections pitting miner Energy ‘Dhala’ Ncube and himself.

“If an important figure like Vice President Kembo Mohadi can be debased by some rogue internet users, how about myself- just a Shadow MP”, the Zvipo ZveMweya Apostolic church cleric told this publication in an interview.

Mugabe said he was now used to being derided on the social media by fellow Zanu PF members loyal to Dhala, who is also nephew to state security minister, Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube.

“No day passes without my image being smeared on social media platforms, especially WhatsApp. Some group chats appear to have specifically been formed just to batter my image. There’s absolutely no respect for the elders and if someone with the post of deputy president can be smeared on social media, who am I to run away from that?”

He added that there’s also need for the Parliament of Zimbabwe to ensure that the existing cyber laws are strictly adhered to.

“I think there’s absolutely every need for the country’s cyber laws to be observed because we now have reckless internet users with a penchant for disrespecting their elders in the society. Where has our Ubuntu gone to? We are now perverting from our cultural norms and values,” he said.

Mugabe and Dhala have been involved in a fierce tussle to gain the sole Zanu PF candidature in by-elections expected soon. The party has four other aspiring candidates.