Picture: ZRP cop marries smallhouse

The Madziwa female maths teacher, who allegedly committed suicide after her husband used her money to pay lobola for another woman,  was provoked by the second wife, who sent her pictures of the lobola ceremony, pictured above, details have emerged.

Close family members say Auxillia Matukudure had an altercation with her police officer husband identified, as Norman Murire over his infidelity on December 18.

A close relative said, Auxillia’s body will lie in state at her house, despite cultural considerations forbidding suicide victims to be put in the house prior to burial.

“The situation is very tense but her body will lie in state at her Madziwa house which she had built.

“Mourners will be at the house during the night awaiting burial tomorrow in Kadoma town.

“The community members demonstrated on Wednesday before some of them were detained at police station.

“It’s now the community versus the police because the husband is a policeman.

“Culturally, when one dies they should lie in state mumba mavo, so despite that she committed suicide, relatives are saying she should be in her house.

“They want to make sure that they (the husband and his new wife) will not use the house.”

Asked to clarify on what transpired, the source said:

“These people were real entrepreneurs and on the day she suspected that her husband was up to something, she asked him if he had taken her money.

“He denied everything and that he had paid lobola for another woman.

“The issue is that, Auxillia was provoked by this woman as she is the one who sent her pictures of the lobola payment.

“It’s not the husband who leaked the pictures since he was planning to explain the whole situation.

“He was also surprised how the pictures got to his wife.

“The woman stays in town and she would pass through Auxillia’s work place only to provoke her,” said the source.

What further irked Auxillia was the number of people who were close to her attended the lobola payment ceremony.

“A big number of people who were at the event are close to Auxillia and she felt betrayed.

“Her body will pass through her house and relatives  want to make sure the husband and new wife won’t have peace if they they use that house,” added the source.

Auxillia was a mathematics teacher in Madziwa and she leaves behind four children – one who is in form 2, Grade 7, Grade4 and a two year –old.

They are all girls.

Late wife

Mashonaland Central Police Spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed receiving the case.

“We have received information of sudden death by poisoning where it was reported that on December 18, the deceased had a heated argument with her husband over infidelity issues.

“After the misunderstanding she said goodbye to him and took the poisonous substance.

“She was then rushed to hospital where she was admitted. She died the following day around 7 pm and no foul play is suspected since she even talked before she died,” he said.

Inspector Mundembe urged members of the public to deal with matters affecting them amicably.

“We urge members of the public to open up on marriage issues and share their problems with close members rather than to take their own lives.

“They should think about their dependents before taking their own lives,” he added.

A source said on the day in question, Auxillia told her husband to enjoy his new lover before she took the poison.

“Akataura mashoko ekuti usare ugare zvakanaka nemukadzi wako munyowani iyeye.

“Akabva atora mushonga wechibage.”