The Harare hotel where a naked woman was recorded while being chased down the corridors by another woman has summoned parties involved in the drama for a hearing.

It has been revealed the hotel management invited the man, who is at the centre of the drama, and the other parties, to discuss the matter, whose video has gone viral on social media.
The incident has caught social media by storm. H Metro also got to know the details of how the drama unfolded.
The case has also seen NASH Paints marketing and communications manager, Tarisai Milner Makumbirofa, being mistakenly identified as the naked woman who was being chased in the video.
There was relief for her yesterday after cameras at the hotel proved she was nowhere near the premises on the day of the fracas.
“The cameras at the hotel have proved that it’s not me in the video,” she told H-Metro.
“So, I asked if they could give a statement to clear my name and they said they have to sit down and talk with the public relations manager. “But, they confirmed knowledge of the case.”
A Facebook page, owned by Queen Cronje, also apologised for posting Tarie’s pictures and claiming she was the one in the video.
“I deeply regret posting your pictures yesterday Tarie Milner Bolts hausiriwe mukadzi akamhanya asina kupfeka,” said the administrator of the page.
“I have taken it off but some people must have read it already. “I sincerely apologise for this, I know it’s hurtful to you and irresponsible on my part to do so.
“I am sorry.”
Initially the page had posted: “Ndivo vekumhanyiswa paCresta Lodge vasina kupfeka apa she is married, Tarie Bolts, and ndi marketing and communication manager kuNash Paints.”
H-Metro was also briefed about how the drama unfolded.
“It is reported that they followed the husband, who was with his girlfriend, to the hotel,” a source told H-Metro.
“The woman went with her friends to the premises and, upon arriving at the reception, they lied that they were with the man (name withheld) and they wanted some keys, which he had in his room.
“So, they were given the room number and, on arrival at the door, they pretended to be room service providers.
“The woman in the video opened the door, while she was wrapped in a towel.
“An altercation ensued and the ladies wanted to record a video of the woman, while she was still in the room.
“So, she noticed the move and quickly forced her way out before one of the friends took off her towel, prompting her to run naked.
“The one chasing and the one taking the video are friends to the wife, (name withheld).
The woman remained in the room where she was confronting her husband. “The woman in the video is alleged to have been invited by her lover to Zimbabwe from Zambia.”
Another source narrated how the woman got to know about her husband’s shenanigans.
“The wife’s little sister ndiyo yakafonera the wife kuti huya aona mota yabamukuru parked at the hotel.” H Metro