President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s self styled chief supporter, Killer Zivhu has urged fellow Zimbabweans to protect their vote in 2023.

Zivhu believes Zimbabweans should not to leave polling stations after voting, until votes are counted in order to curb vote rigging.

“Guys munozvinetsereyi 2023 yatosvika just go and register to vote.

“Musi wekuvhota usabva pawavhotera kusvikira mavhotsi averengwa, Party agent weku Party kwenyu atora ma V11 papers,” he says.

Zivhu adds that citizens have the power to determine the country’s destiny by voting and protect their voice.

“Guys it is risky not to take risk, go and register to vote your hand has power to change Zimbabwe’s destiny,” he says.

Meanwhile, Zivhu’s call is a photocopy of what Zambians did in the just ended election in that country.

Zambians stayed put at polling stations after voting in order to protect their votes from rigging.

This resulted in the incumbent former President Edgar Lungu being defeated by a wide margin, breaking record.