The Zimbabwe Republic Police has refuted social media claims alleging that the murdered Murewa boy’s head has been recovered in Damafalls.

It was a hive of activities after a crowd has gathered outside a house in Harare’s Damafalls suburb this afternoon where the head of slain 7-year-old Murehwa boy Tapiwa Makore was suspected to have been secretly buried after the ritual killing.

Meanwhile, after an eventful day where hundreds crowded to witness a police search of a property in connection with the slain boy’s missing skull, police say no evidence, skull, arms, or any other body parts have been found at uncle Thanks Makore’s house.

This is contrary to some social media reports alleging that the missing skull had been recovered.

Following the murder that shocked the nation, the boy’s mutilated corpse was found weeks ago, however, until now, his head could not be located.