Ndiredi hitmaker Simphiwe Dana has called out President Cyril Ramaphosa for apparently “ignoring” artists and their cries for help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Simphiwe, who often takes to social media to share her thoughts on SA politics and the state of the nation said was unimpressed with the president’s supposed disinterest in the arts.

“I’m also quite unimpressed with how our president has ignored the arts during this pandemic. But he will be ‘shocked’ when things completely fall apart in this sector,” said Simphiwe.

The star also went on to note the similarities between the art and political fields, emphasising that working in these fields means having more than just a job.

Known for her political prowess, Simphiwe often lends her voice to conversations about the country and its governance. A few months ago, the star shared her concerns over the “authoritarian tone” SA leaders have when addressing citizens.

“I worry that soon we won’t be able to disagree with our leadership without men with big guns showing up on our doorsteps and our own people cheering them on. I hope to God I’m wrong. This pandemic is exposing a lot of ish.” said Simphiwe.