Simba Chikore, son-in-law to Robert and Grace Mugabe; and other elite executives at Zimbabwe Airways (ZimAirways)  are reportedly grabbing gross salaries,while their colleagues get peanuts, it has been established.

An account of information reveals that airline’s salary schedule for the month of April 2018, discovered, the hefty monthly managerial lumps range from US$2 300 and US$117 000.

Whereas the subordinates earn an average of US$500, while some are paid measly monthly salaries as low as US$190.

Importantly, Chikore, whose real name is Simba Mutsahuni, is going away with salaries and allowances totalling US$117 831 per month, resulting him the highest earner at the airline. After tax, he takes home US$60 000.

Other senior employees are also getting rich at the troubled airliner while it is not clear where the money is coming from in a company not making any good profits. zimindependent