His father could have made a name for himself musically after coalescing with three other colleagues from Kwekwe’s oldest neighborhood of Amaveni to found the inimitable Zig Zag Band of pre-and-post-independence Zimbabwe but the late Emmanuel Nkomo’s twin son, David, has no intentions of living in the shadow of his celebrated father: a music legend of repute.

In a typical deviation of the norm with children of departed local musical greats who have a penchant of inheriting the musical legacies of their fathers, the 33-year old twin son of the Zig Zag Band founder- David Dexter- sees himself as an independent artist and apparently has no intentions of inheriting the contentious Zig-Zag throne and its unique Chigiyo genre.

With three albums to his belt, David Dexter, who did his high schooling in neighboring South Africa, is on the verge of releasing a debut single track, titled ‘I Wish’.

“I am almost done now and ready to introduce myself to the local fanbase after having spent most of my time in Pretoria,” he told Zwnews in an interview at the Nkomo residence in Amaveni.

But, how and why did David Dexter decide to venture into the bloated and debatably challenging musical career?

“It all started when I was a boy, with the Church of Christ- and I still have a knack for gospel music though some may consider me a secular one. But, I actually started considering myself a recording artist when I met Prophet Shepherd Bushiri at a service in Pretoria- and that was in 2018.”


“The man of God (Bushiri) had a prophecy, saying I was going to become a musician of repute if I really concentrated on my musical side. So, Prophet Bushiri made a very important and life-changing prophecy about my life. He prophesied that I was going to a very successful person musically”.

Added David Dexter:

“No wonder why, even when the chips are down sometimes, I keep motivated by the sheer fact that God has a special place for me in the music industry. God really has something in store for me inasmuch as local showbiz is concerned. I have been recording with very limited resources at my disposal and considering the economic predicament that we all find ourselves in, I keep working and trying to make myself a better person by the passing of each day. I know I will reach to a point where you’ll not be seeing me as a child of the late great Emmanuel Nkomo. You’ll definitely start remembering my father as someone who gave birth to an international artist of repute. And, not taking anything away from the Zig Zag Band, I believe that I have a journey to walk- a not-so-easy musical journey to embark on”.

In 2018 after the Bushiri prophecy, DD- as the artist is sometimes called- released his first album titled ‘Ngibambe Ngesandla’. Two years latter, he was in the studio to release another album- Extend My Borders.

David’s Bulawayo-based twin brother, Daniel, is however not into music.

The artist did his primary education at Mavorovondo in Mberengwa district before he went down south for his high schooling at Whitestone College, Pretoria.