A HARARE man revealed yesterday that he went to surrender his wife to her boyfriend after establishing that the two were deeply in love.

Emmanuel Mutsamutema told a court in the capital yesterday that he was forced to take the bizarre move because the two were madly in love.

He blamed his former workmate, Ramu Chidziva, for destroying his relationship with his wife.

Chidziva dragged Mutsamutema to court seeking a protection order, accusing him of physical and verbal abuse.

Mutsamutema said Chidziva was to blame for the ordeal.

We used to share the same shop, but he moved out.

“Three weeks ago, he called and asked me to come over to his house.

“When I arrived, he locked me inside and started insulting and assaulting me, threatening to kill me.

“He was accusing me of having an affair with his wife,” said Chidziva.

“My wife died and he threatened me saying I too would die and follow her.”

However, Mutsamutema opposed the application.

“I was a shareholder of the store and I passed control to him.

“I confronted him and he admitted to having an affair with my wife, and she also confirmed it.

“Everything he is saying is a lie, and I knew he was going to lie, so I recorded all our conversations and I have the audio clips with me.

“I have never insulted him or assaulted him.

“After I left the shop, I only met him twice – on the day I called him over and the day I went to hand over my wife to him at his house since it seemed they were having a serious affair.

“He was sleeping with my wife before his wife died and even slept with her three days after his wife died.