In a shocking scenario, a Bulawayo woman is accusing her husband of having stolen clothes from their matrimonial residence which includes her ‘new’ underwear, and gave them to his girlfriend as love gifts.
The woman, Debra Shumirai Dzowa, who was initially accused of bashing her husband Masauso Phiri, told the court that the later has been stealing their household property, clothes and undergarments which he gives to his girlfriend Telia Zilawe who stays in Mpopoma.
Initially, Phiri had alleged that Dzowa had, since September 2018, been verbally, physically and emotionally abusing him.
“On several occasions she (Dzowa) has threatened me with death and she intensified her threats since she came back from South Africa on 8 January this year. She sent me numerous threatening WhatsApp and text messages. Since we stay together, I’m afraid she can harm me,” he complained.
But, in an interview, Dzowa disgraced her husband, and said she failed to attend trial at the court as she was at her aunty’s funeral.
“It is not true that I am abusing him. Our problems started when I came back from South Africa on 8 January. This was after I discovered that some of my property comprising household property, clothes, and panties were missing”, she said.
Added Dzowa:
“When I asked him about the missing items, he professed ignorance on their whereabouts. Surprisingly, there was no sign of a break-in at our house. From my investigations that is when I gathered that he was the one responsible. He gave them to his girlfriend who used to come to our house for sleep-overs”.
She also revealed that her husband was no longer sleeping at their matrimonial home and expressed fears that her husband’s girlfriend will use the stolen panties to bewitch her.
“I am now living in fear that she is going to bewitch me after she threatened to take my panties to a sangoma for rituals. She is also sending me threatening messages declaring I will never get my things and that my husband will never get back to me”, Dzowa said.
When asked for a comment, Zilawe could neither deny nor confirm the allegations, dismissing Dzowa as a lunatic.

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