Fugitive former Zanu PF cabinet minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo has launched a ‘shabby’ attack on President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom he labelled as ‘a very dull person‘ who will soon come face-to-face with his irreversible fall from the country’s number one political position when the night of the proverbial ‘long-knives-out’ beckons.

Responding to a caption quote attributed to the 79-year old strongman that was posted on ZBC Tv’s Twitter account, in which the strongman told party supporters at a Wednesday rally in Seke that in the ruling party, they have a slogan which says “Zanu PF leaves no man behind”, Moyo launched some barefacedly pedestrian attacks on his former ally-turned-foe, describing Mnangagwa as a ‘dull’ leader who lacks ‘leadership stuff’ in his speeches.

file… Mnangagwa and Moyo

So mean, insipid and unintelligent were the literally shabby former ICT minister’s atypical tweets that he ended up bursting out at the Zimbabwe President’s alleged failure to correctly state that the slogan of the ruling party says:

Zanu PF leaves no man behind or that it leaves no one behind“.

This was after the public broadcaster had tweeted a quote of Mnangagwa with the Zanu PF leader’s image (below) that was credited to its reporter Idah Mhetu, captioning:

“(In) ZANU PF (we have a) slogan (that says) ZANU PF leaves no man behind. “

Fusing the vernacular Shona and English, in typical ED-Mnangagwa-fashion, the former liberation war fighter- who replaced late dictator Robert Mugabe in a November 2017 military coup- said Zanu PF was not like the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) party led by his longtime nemesis Nelson Chamisa, whom he controversially defeated in the disputed presidential vote, four years ago.

Said Mnangagwa:

“Tine hutungamiri hwamunoziva. Vakarashika tinovabikira sadza tichiti huyai kumusha. Zvasiyana ne CCC ine munhu 1 ari kumusoro ikoko asina ideology (We have a tried and tested leadership. As for those who are lost and have left the party, we welcome them back home. What separates us from the CCC is that they have a leader who lacks ideology)”.

In a debasing and rare exhibition of intellectual lack on the expensively-educated former UZ lecturer’s part, the fugitive ex-cabinet minister warned his erstwhile party colleague of his impending downfall from the presidency.

Bursting out nearly-unprintable words that are uncharacteristic of the past Political Science varsity tutor, Moyo said:

“Iwe Emmerson, is your party slogan that ZanuPF leaves no man behind or that it leaves no one behind?”

“Ende uri dofo remunhu shuwa (You are a very dull person). That’s not leadership stuff, ufunge. No wonder long knives are out, waiting for their night, to get you out. And, like the sun will rise, it’s coming!”

Moyo, and other former Zanu PF Ministers who include Saviour Kasukuwere and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao fled the country in a huff after military generals aligned to Mnangagwa coalesced to back the incumbent president’s ascendancy in 2017.


The fugitive politicians belonged to the vanquished Zanu PF cabal called Generation 40, or simply G40, which was viciously opposed to then deputy president Mnangagwa’s ambitions to succeed Mugabe.

The late president’s wife, Grace, was the face of the G40, and during the twilight zone of her husband’s tenure, she took every public opportunity to attack Mnangagwa- a longtime understudy of Mugabe.