In a shocking incident which has left residents of Buena Vista suburb in Bulawayo dumbfounded, a 41-year-old man employed as a gardener was caught in the act, making love with his boss’ dog.

Pholani Mkhwebu was allegedly caught red-handed bonking his master’s dog by his perplexed co-worker Shayne Ngwenya who subsequently alerted his boss.

A report was then made at Hillside Police Station leading to Mkwebu’s arrest.

However, upon his arrest, Mkwebu who is a married father of a four-year-old child unashamedly admitted to having sex with the dog saying it was a temptation too good to ignore since he was sex-starved.

It is the state’s case that on 31 July at around 10 am, Mkhwebu and his co-worker were seated in the house before Mkhwebu told the latter that he wanted some fresh air and he went to sit outside.

State media reported that it was proved that after sometime when a seemingly suspicious Ngwenya went outside the house to check on Mkhwebu, he was horrified when he found him holding a dog with his pair of trousers dropped to knee level and having sex with it.

Mkwebu was reportedly groaning with pleasure while romping his boss’ pet. And, as a way of stopping the animal from howling he tied it around its neck with a wire.

And, seeing that he had been busted, Mkhwebu in a swank of shame pulled up his pair of trousers as if nothing had happened.

The matter was reported to the police leading to his arrest.

Mkwebu was arraigned before Bulawayo magistrate Shepherd Mjanja charged with bestiality as defined in section 74 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Chapter 9:23.

He, however, didn’t waste the court’s time when he pleaded guilty to the offence of performing a sexual act with his boss’ dog.

“I just misbehaved, I am sorry,” said Mkwebu.

Mkhwebu, who was remanded out of custody to 3 August on free bail, however, betrayed the court’s trust when he didn’t turn up for sentencing leading the magistrate to issue a warrant for his arrest.

state media
Additional Reporting: Zwnews