Fungayi Moyana

Zaka Growth Point is well known to be the home of witches and wizards in Zimbabwe but it never seizes to amaze on issues of crime as a serial burglar from Zaka left the court jaws dropped recently when he surrendered his working tools that include a dead vulture’s head, iron bar and a bolt cutter in front of the magistrate.

Athanas Manyoka 46 years of age of Chikara Village Chief Nyakunhuwa Zaka was convicted of 40 counts of unlawful entry and theft.

Confessing in court, Manyoka said he used the vulture’s head to see unfolding events as it is believed to have the powers to see the future.

He told the court that he would smears traditional snuff on the vultures head and go into a trance like mode where he would be able to see the future every time before he goes on a stealing mission.

This would help him to be successful in his burglary activities as he would have seen a ‘vision’ of himself succeeding without being caught.

Manyoka broke in a number of houses in Masvingo including high density suburbs like Rujeko and other low density suburbs like Rhoedin targeting various items that include cash, clothing and television sets.

The accused broke into properties using a bolt cutter to cut the fence and iron bars for forcing to open and get entry whilst the occupants were away.

But he ran out of luck and was identified by one of the complainants in Chiredzi where he was arrested.

Manyoka appeared before Magistrate Langton Ndokera and pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 61 months in prison of which 18 months were suspended for 5 years.

He will serve an effective  43 months in prison over unlawful entry and theft.