Allegations have arisen that CCC (Citizens Coalition for Change) MPs are resorting to bribery in an attempt to prevent their recall from Parliament. These claims implicate various individuals, including Mr. Sengezo Tshabangu, the self proclaimed interim secretary-general of CCC, who is reportedly being approached by desperate legislators seeking to safeguard their parliamentary positions.

One of the figures mentioned in this bribery controversy is Mr. Thomas Muwodzeri, the legislator representing Ruwa constituency, who is alleged to have offered a substantial sum of US$10,000 in exchange for the opportunity to retain his seat in Parliament.

In an interview, Mr. Tshabangu acknowledged that CCC legislators have approached him with appeals, stating, “They are coming to me and saying, ‘Look, SG, please, we complied and returned to Parliament as you had previously advised. Please, don’t recall us.'”

In response to the allegations of offering a $10,000 bribe, Muwodzeri said the US$10 000 bribery accusations were an internal fight as he had no capacity to pay such an amount.

“That thing is an internal thing. You cannot even blame the other party or whatever. It is an internal thing of people I was competing with who are making those allegations,” he said.