MDC’s Nyanga Senator Edith Baipai has taken legal action against her husband Allan Chinowaita, accusing him of cheating, physical and financial abuse.

It has come to light that despite Chinowaita’s claim of separation from his first wife, they are still involved with each other.

During court proceedings at the Mutare Magistrates Civil Court, Senator Baipai revealed that she had given Chinowaita a housing loan of US$40,000 from Parliament, which he has failed to return.

She also accused him of forging her signature and being overprotective and jealous.

Senator Baipai further stated that Chinowaita has been abusing her social media accounts and withholding her documents, including her driver’s license.

“He is over protective and jealousy. I think he is insecure because I have more money than him. The car he is driving around with other women is mine.
“He once assaulted me at Rainbow Towers where I had gone for a meeting with my bosses. Maybe he thought I was having an affair. He also assaulted me at Holiday Inn. I just want the law to protect me,” pleaded Senator Baipai.

In response, Chinowaita claimed that he had invested the money in a shop for their benefit.

The magistrate granted Senator Baipai a protection order valid for five years and ordered Chinowaita to return her documents and property.