In a startling incident on Saturday, David Garutso, associated with By Grace Ministries under the leadership of Prophet Mapfumo, was allegedly abducted following a dispute over adultery matters. The incident unfolded at his rented residence in Hatfield, where David was confronted about the whereabouts of Prophet Obert Mapfumo, who is accused of engaging in an extramarital affair with one of his pastors’ wives.

David was summoned to the gate, where he was seen being forcefully taken into a vehicle by unidentified individuals. According to David’s brother, known as Baba Garutso, the abduction occurred after a disagreement during a church prayer meeting at the Tadhinhiwa prayer mountain. The dispute involved differences among senior church leaders regarding changes to the rules and regulations governing their ministry.

Reportedly, David opposed the proposed alterations, asserting his position as second to church leader Mapfumo. The confrontation escalated as David was also questioned about the whereabouts of Mapfumo, who allegedly vanished with a married woman affiliated with the church.

It’s worth noting that Prophet Mapfumo gained notoriety in 2017 for applying oil on married women’s private parts during prayers, leading to his arrest during a Star Fm Radio interview with Tilder Moyo. Despite serving five months of his sentence, Mapfumo appealed against his conviction and was subsequently released.

By Grace Ministries, well-known in Glendale, has faced controversy with David being one of the senior leaders within the organization.