Infighting, divisions and back biting have reportedly rocked Zanu PF party ahead of its conference scheduled for this week.

Women’s league wants one VP to be female, a move well rehearsed to push Chiwenga out as one post is reserved for Matebeleland provinces leaving Kembo Mohadi safe.

While the party president Emmerson Mnangagwa and his deputy Constatino Chiwenga have tried to downplay their differences, portraying a harmonious relationship outdoors, insiders say the two are deeply divided.

Tensions are reportedly high to the extent that Mnangagwa is pushing for national chairperson Oppah Muchinguri to be his vice.

Chiwenga is being seen as major threat to Mnangagwa’s post and the best way to handle him is to weaken him both in party and government.

Chiwenga is also fighting tooth and nail for the downfall of Mnangagwa with formation of parrallel structures now underway.

“Mnangagwa wants to play his game in a smart move by pushing for Muchinguri seen as a loyal cadre to the throne to replace Chiwenga. He is funding some people to pass a vote of no confidence against Chiwenga during this conference,” said the source.

There are also reports circulating that Muchinguri has since been nominated for the post of First Vice President of ZANU PF nicodemously.

According to reports circulating it has been established that all provinces have indicated that new VPs have become a necessity.

Muchinguri has received overwhelming endorsement from all the party organs.

She is a war veteran and is current National Chairman and Defence Minister.

The Women’s League is demanding that one of the two VP’s be a woman, and Muchinguri has been nominated for the slot.

Similarly, reports also has it that retired Colonel Tshinga Dube has been nominated by Matebeleland North, Matebeleland South and his own province Bulawayo, to replace, VP Mohadi, an unlikely scenario.

The decision to nominate Cde Tshinga Dube for Second Vice President was made after the provinces were informed that VP Mohadi snubbed the People’s conference last year, and was said to be relaxing in Harare.

Cde Tshinga Dube, who launched a book last week, is also a veteran of the liberation struggle, and is said to be senior to Mohadi and is regarded as a suitable candidate by the Matebeleland Provinces for the Second VP Post.

Cde Tshinga Dube is the current Deputy Finance Secretary in the Politburo and is a senior member of Bulawayo Province.

The two nominations have received overwhelming endorsements across the entire party organs and affiliates.

President Mnangagwa has indicated that the voice of the people is the voice of God and that he will accept what the people have nominated.