Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere has reportedly engaged on a ‘recovery’ mission all around the country, aimed at victimizing and punishing any Zanu PF members who are believed to have participated in his near dismissal from the party.

Early this year, the Minister was swimming in the deep end. He received consecutive votes of no confidence from ‘all’ provinces in the entire country, starting with is own home province of Mashonaland Central.

Kasukuwere was only saved by Grace Mugabe, at the 11th hour, and after suffering health complications regarding the matter – he was admitted into hospital with hypertension.

According to Khuluma Afrika sources, he consulted with a traditional healer who told him to sleep at his father’s grave for 14 nights – he complied.

The provinces accused Kasukuwere of plotting to oust Mugabe, organising parallel structures, as well as leading the party down a disastrous path. He is the National Political Commissar of the party.

Early today, several youths, bussed by the Minister descended in Chitungwiza intending to cause a chaotic scene.

“They came in several kombis and were begging for violence. They were demanding that George Makunde be fired. They were angry. He was their target,” a worker at the council told Khuluma Afrika reporters.

Khuluma Afrika has been told Makunde is the deputy secretary for Admin in Kasukuwere’s home province of Mashonaland Central. He is however also employed at the Chitungwiza Town Council.

A source within G40 camp confirmed the incident.

“Like Tyson (Kasukuwere) said at a funeral. He is Tyson. He is now going on an offensive. He only got saved by first family. He now feels its life or death. Makunde is only the first. He is coming for more. All people behind his votes of no confidence will cry. Wait and see.”

Following Kasukuwere’s saviour by Grace, AMH owner Trevor Ncube stated that he saw in a dream the minister(Kasukuwere) bedding Grace Mugabe. khuluma