Mt Darwin-Zimbabwe’s Minister of Local Government, Saviour Kasukuwere allegedly spent 14 nights sleeping on his father’s grave in a bid to spiritually cleanse himself of ‘bad luck’ which would expose his corrupt deals, Khuluma Afrika has been told.

Kasukuwere, who hogged the limelight recently, after pictures of him visiting a traditional healer went viral on Facebook narrowly escaped the axe from Zanu PF after all provinces passed a motion of no confidence against him.

Over the years, Kasukuwere has been accused of looting Youth Funds when he was the Minister in charge of Youth, and Indigenization.

As Minister of Environment, Zimbabwe saw one of its sharpest spikes in elephant poaching.

Conservationists in Zimbabwe have repeatedly stated that they had evidence to show that Kasukuwere, together with a Chinese national who was awarded bogus citizenship (Khuluma Afrika saw the bogus National ID cards issued under her name), were involved in a high profile smuggling operation.

Popular activist Sharon Hoole has repeatedly shared some of this evidence on social network platform twitter. While leader of the conservation task-force Jonny Rodriguez has repeatedly attempted to shed light to activities implication Kasukuwere.

Earlier this year, the end appeared nigh for Kasukuwere after massive demonstrations were held against him in his home province, before other Zanu PF provinces joined the fray.

During that time Kasukuwere was briefly hospitalized after a hypertensive attack at his home. At one point, online whistle blowers claimed Kasukuwere had tried to move $1 Billion USD to offshore accounts and flee.

As a matter of last resort, he visited a prominent traditional healer who told him to spend 14 consecutive nights sleeping on top of his father’s grave in Mt Darwin.
The Minister, shockingly, complied.

“We transported him to his home province everyday. He would sleep there by himself on top of the grave and we would return and pick him up in the morning everyday. He even cancelled a scheduled trip to South Africa to complete the ritual” a source close to Kasukuwere’s top aide confirmed.

Kasukuwere’s sangoma trips appear to have worked. He survived by the skin of his teeth after Mugabe’s wife intervened.

South African based businessman and owner of AMH, publishers of Newsday, Independent and Standard would later accuse Grace Mugabe and Kasukuwere of sleeping together.

“Since I started adult colouring, I am having amazing dreams. Last night I dreamt @HonKasukuwere was having an affair with Grace Mugabe. I then woke,” he wrote on Twitter.

Minister Kasukuwere declined all efforts to get a comment altogether.

Khuluma Afrika