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A traditional doctor who foretold DJ Sumbody’s recent death is warning a number of DJ’s who also worked with him. In September, Umakhosi99 took to Twitter to predict DJ Sumbody’s death but as well as expected, nobody pair her any minds.

Twitter is abuzz following a tweet that has resurfaced, this tweet from a traditional doctor who predicted DJ Sumbody’s death. In the same tweet Umakhosi99 has also warned all the DJ’s who have worked with DJ Sumbody about the danger that they may all succumb too.

In her tweet, Umakhosi99 predicted that DJ Sumbody would be injured straight in the head by an off balanced speaker. The traditional doctor continues to mention that from that injury, DJ Sumbody would bleed excessively which will result to his death or mental illness.

“Prophetic warning to all Dj’s, especially those who have featured Dj sumbody, there’s one Dj in particular can’t mention names, but he’s going to be severely injured in the head by an off balanced speaker, heavy bleeding leading to death or, mental illness” wrote Umakhosi99.

Although DJ Sumbody met his untimely demise during when his car was involved in a shooting incident and he was shot dead in his car together with his driver in the early morning of Sunday the 20th of November 2022 on Woodmead road, Johannesburg while on his way to a gig.

“Particularly at a gig in the township / kasi ! It may sound like a joke , since y’all like underestimating , take it as you will lol RT for awareness !be extra vigilant at your gigs !” wrote Umakhosi99

Coming to know about the traditional doctor’s tweet, tweeps were found shocked beyond belief as the time frame of how this particular event and tragedy played out. Indeed, DJ Sumbody was shot dead coming from a gig on Sunday.

“I Respect Idlozi lakho Gogo…” wrote Mashianoke

“I respect your calling God and your ancestors give u wisdom” wrote MaPlakane

I see things that are about to happen in my life in dreams, they are never too accurate” wrote Maatsi Wa Mopedi.

Yesterday, friends and family of the music producer and DJ gathered at his memorial service that was held in his honor in Lewende Woord church in Centurion, Gauteng.