SADC Defense and Security chairperson: Hakainde Hichilema

Political commentator, Cde Never Maswerasei says as long as Zimbabweans are silent over the recently held disputed polls, Southern African Development Community (SADC) will not intervene.

“They don’t care about whether SADC considers them illegitimate/ not – they care about power retention.

“No decisive action fromthe robbed, no political settlement from the thieves. Zero mobilisation – zero results. SADC needs action to justify intervention. It is what it is,” he says.

Posting on his X handle; Windhoek Cables Network Cde Maswerasei said the Harare regime’s plan is to sit it away until the matter fades because there is no action that threatens their hold onto power.

“The plan is to sit it away till it fades with time because there has been no real threat to their hold on power since the time when elections were dismissed as a farce.

“So long as nobody does anything special that will force them to the negotiating table, they remain reluctant,” he said.