Former Zimbabwean Minister of Foreign Affairs Walter Mzembi says without peer review, Southern African Development Community SADC leaders are fast turning themselves into undertakers for burial of people’s grievances.

“Is SADC turning into an efficient Burial Society of people’s grievances. They bury them with such decorum and dignity and move on to the next funeral without a fuss.

“On the Zimbabwe case in my books inside the annals of SADC yamirira manyaradzo, inside the country iNgozi and will need lots of wisdom to put closure to it.

“Without Peer Review, these Excellencies become Undertakers,” he says.

Apparently, SADC leaders are meeting tomorrow to deliberate on the Zimbabwean situation following the recent disputed polls.

However, some critics say there is nothing much to be expected from the meeting, claiming that SADC leaders are known for protecting each other despite human rights abuses by some member states.

When the leaders met recently they praised President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa for running and winning a ‘perfect’ election.

They described the country’s elections as examplarly.