The Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat has explained its observer mission’s role in elections conducted in member states.

According to SADC Secretariat, its Electoral Observation Missions only observes elections.

The SADC Secretariat says the regional body does not conduct elections in its Member States but observes them and then make recommendations.

“Understand the role of SADC when it comes to observing elections. Our mandate is only to observe and issue a report,” says the regional body’s Secretariat.

However, some have expressed concern SADC should have some form teeth to bite member states that fail to meet the laid down guidelines for free and fair elections.

They say if member states with dictatorial tendencies are allowed to get away with murder, and still continue to rule.

Cde Never Maswerasei says it would be silly for SADC Secretariat to think that dictators who rig elections would embrace recommendations that come with no mandatory obligation attached.

“It will be foolhardy & an absolute waste of time for the SADC Secretariat to think that rogue dictators who rig elections in member states will embrace SADC recommendations that come with no mandatory obligation for swift implementation. It’s all a useless charade really.

“When you make recommendations you are making them to who & aimed at what? Who will be responsible for implementation of SADC recommendations to letter?

“Are they only for filing & gathering dust? If there is no philosophical clarity on that then your protocols must be rewritten.

“How do you expect somebody who stole elections to ensure they stay in office to be the same person who will say, “I have listened to SADC and I am calling for fresh elections?” This was such an irresponsible post – whoever posted the nonsense.”