Fugitive former Zimbabwe cabinet Minister, Walter Mzembi, has described the regional Southern African Development Community (Sadc) and the African Union (AU) as ‘helpless’ organisations on issues to do with checking the excesses of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF regime in the landlocked nation.
While responding to a Twitter thread about the banning of a Kuwadzana East constituency feedback meeting where police in riot gear were deployed, Mzembi said it wasn’t noble for Nelson Chamisa’s opposition Citizens to depend on Sadc and the AU when it comes to dealing with the alleged misrule of the Mnangagwa regime.
Instead, Mzembi said, the opposition must ‘strengthen its guerrilla construct of being unpredictable’ to avoid a repeat of the 2018 elections.
@SADC_News @_AfricanUnion won’t be of much help . They hardly help an Opposition cause . Best to understudy how Underground Movements operate , Zanu and Zapu were such,” Mzembi said on Twitter.
“Anything driven underground germinates and flourishes,” he added.
The former Tourism and Hospitality industry Minister fled the country after Mnangagwa dramatically ascended to the presidency in a military coup that ended the iron fisted 37-year-rule of humiliatingly deposed late Zimbabwe dictator, Robert Mugabe.
According to Mzembi, the opposition must first:
“come out of denial. Elections under this environment, without securing concessions will repeat the same result as in 2018 , if not a worse outcome.
“Tangirai ipapo , then strengthen your guerilla construct of being unpredictable. The rest handikuudzii pano. Happy Sabbath,” he tweeted.
His comments come following Saturday’s deployment of riot police that culminated in the cancellation of a constituency feedback meeting in Kuwadzana East.

“Police has just cancelled our feedback meeting which they had approved. They deployed riot police to stop the feedback meeting. The only reason given was that they saw a message in a WhatsApp group which was saying President @nelsonchamisa is coming to the meeting,” said the constituency’s MP Charlton Hwende on Twitter.


Zimbabweans will next year vote in a crucial election that is expected to be a two-horse race between Mnangagwa’s long-ruling Zanu PF and Chamisa’s CCC.