Desperate former Herald deputy editor Tichaona Zindoga was thrown under the bus when he sought the protection of Zimbabwe First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa and the CIO boss Isaac Moyo after being fired by Zimpapers, a former government minister has revealed.

Professor Jonathan Moyo posted a long thread detailing how Zindoga was sacked after being lebelled a sellout and a stupid person by various government officials.

When Zindoga was appointed, there was an outcry from some quarters in Munhumutapa building who said he was an MDC sympathiser and would not toe the line.

Read the thread below:

Word from Herald Zimbabwe is that many at Zimpapers are celebrating the fall of a dwarf in giant robes. When Tich Zindoga was summoned by the Wing Commander, the Zimpapers board chair, he was told that he had been fired because he was incompetent, inexperienced and a sellout!

After telling Tich Zindoga that he had been fired, Wing Commander Tommy Sithole ordered him to “take 15 minutes to clear your office. Take what is yours and never comeback. You failed to do your job”. Shaken, Zindoga started crying; begging to be retained as deputy editor!

When the Wing Commander told him that he could not be retained as deputy editor, Tich Zindoga begged to be demoted to his earlier position of political editor. An irritated Sithole then barked at him: “Chief you are not listening to me. You are not wanted here. Just go!”

Earlier, Sithole had assigned his 1980s Zimpapers editorial colleague, Davison Maruziva, to assess Tich Zindoga as Herald editor. Maruziva’s report was a big NO. He found that Zindoga had no capacity and that he referred everything to Nick Mangwana, who also has no capacity!

After Sithole told Tich Zindoga to go and clear his office where his dismissal letter would be sent in 15 minutes, the sun fell down on him. He phoned Nick Mangwana who said he was in Egypt and could not help. Nick later texted some officials calling Zindoga “stupid & reckless”!

When he did not get any joy from Nick Mangwana, a devastated Tich Zindoga phoned information minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, asking her to intercede for him. Monica expressed indignant surprise: “Uchiripo ikoko? Awusi kudiwa. Kana vakuru varamba. Chienda. Chibva ipapo iwe”!

As a backdrop, @TichZindoga had read the writing on the wall and saw the trouble coming. He sought help from Auxillia Mnangagwa who hit the roof and said “urimutengesi iwe”. Shocked, Zindoga went to Isaac Moyo, CIO Director General, to ask for “protection”. It was a long shot!