South African Police Service are now using apartheid-like methods of demanding IDs everywhere and asking people to say certain things in a local languages to check if they are indeed South Africans.

For instance they are asking what an elbow is (which is indololwane) in Zulu.

Meanwhile, the Economic Freedom Fighter says that is not acceptable.

EFF says it is standing against the Dudula Movement led by Nhlanhla Lux Dlamini campaigning against immigrants.

EFF spokesman Sinawo Tambo says SA shouldn’t allow xenophobic vigilante groups, which killed Zimbabwean migrant Elvis Nyathi, to rampage killing.

Tambo says South Africa should not allow vigilante groups which use apartheid-like methods to identify, discriminate and kill at will.

He says people are being discriminated and criminalised through how they look like, complexion, texture of their hair and linguistic dialects.