According to the The Daily Mail, the disgraced former president, Robert Mugabe was reportedly ‘so depressed he couldn’t lift his feet’ as he watched his countrymen celebrate his exit from power, and was said to be confessing his ‘sins’ to his trusted advisor and friend Father Mukonori.

One of the former Leader’s security aides revealed the sombre atmosphere at the Blue Roof where the family is under house arrest: ‘He is depressed to the extent he is failing to walk. He is dragging his feet.

‘The First Lady, Grace, has been refusing to go outside into the open air all day as well,’ he said. ‘They both know the end has come and they are deeply depressed. Their greatest worry is what is going to happen to them and their family.’

 He added: ‘The issue of Grace was a burning one. The generals were going to press ahead with prosecuting her for crimes including money laundering, capturing of state assets and interfering with government business.’

‘The generals were insisting that Grace must be prosecuted. It was a burning issue on Tuesday. I don’t know what the outcome was, but they were insisting that they might forgive the old man but not Grace.’

 It was Grace’s decision to try and oust Mnangagwa from power and clear a path for her own succession to the presidency that sparked the military uprising which ultimately toppled her husband.

Daily Mail