REVEALED: President Mnangagwa, VPs Mohadi and Chiwenga’s BIG monthly salaries

Laughing all the way to the bank: Chiwenga

President ED Mnangagwa and his two assistants, VP Chiwenga and Mohadi reportedly each earn a massive $17,500 on average per month.

This was revealed in the ‘Blue Book’, a Government document which details its expenditure and debts. According to the “Blue Book” $630,000 has been allocated in the coming year for the salaries and allowances for members of the presidency.

The monthly salary of one member of the presidency is enough to pay the basic salaries of 45 junior doctors. After a pay raise in July, the doctors earn a basic salary of $390 per month. However, their total income dwarfs this figure and is around $1 200 after various allowances.

Zimbabwe’s junior doctors are currently on strike.

News Wire reports that Mnangagwa is one of the best-paid presidents in the world:

Angela Merkel, chancellor of Europe’s largest economy, earns the equivalent of just over $22,000.

Mnangagwa earns more than Xi Jinping of China, leader of the world’s second-biggest economy, who makes just $1,850 monthly.

Tanzanian president John Magufuli last year revealed his salary at $48,000 a year, a mere $4,000 monthly. In Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta makes $16,000 a month. South African president Cyril Ramaphosa’s salary is $22,000 a month.