ZBC’s Reuben Barwe has just made a live video call to former finance minister  Patrick Chinamasa about their death claims. The two are among few Zanu PF officials who have spoken openly about their Covid-19 status after it was reported on Friday that a number of ruling party bigwigs are on death beds due to Covid-19.

Chinamasa said he is tired and exhausted from being killed through the social media.

Other death rumours


Victor Matemadanda

ZANU-PF political commissar and Deputy Minister of Defence Victor Matemadanda appeared on a video to dismiss a rumour that he has been rushed to hospital after testing positive of Covid-19.

In a video shared online, Matemadanda said his last Covid-19 test results came out negative on Thursday.

Mike Nyambuya

He was reported dead Friday night but newspapers had to retract the story and apologise after family members reported that he was alive.