Chilima 651,124 (18.xx%)
Chakwera 1,257,853 (35.44%)
Mutharika 1,436,xxx (40.xx%)

Total votes received 3, 601, 538 of the 6.8 million registered. This is from 3792 of 5002 polling centre’s. This represents 75.81% of all centres. Important to note that this is not a percentage of total votes cast. Total votes cast from a simple computation of total counted vs total registered would tell us we are slightly above 50% of total votes.


Official Presidential election results received from 1,784 (35.67%) of 5002 centers so far:

Chakwera-533 217 (37.6%)

Chilima-293 978 (20.76%)

Chisi-5 786 (0.41%)

Kaliya-4 380 (0.30%)

Kuwani-6 113 (0.43%)

Muluzi UDF-48 766 (3.44%)

Mutharika-524 247 (37.01%)




People are now anxiously waiting for vote results after millions of voters in #Malawi cast ballots on Tuesday in a closely-fought election, with President #PeterMutharika battling to hold off two rivals in a race that focused on corruption allegations and economic development.

Election oficials say no results of Tuesday’s elections will be released until after 10 p.m. local time at the earliest, because at least one polling station had a delayed opening and it won’t close until late.

The Malawi Electoral Commission issued a statement explaining the delay, and urged all parties to wait for official results announcements.

Ballot counting is currently underway at some votting points and has finished at most polling stations.

Zimbabwe rigging team forced to leave Malawi??

Malawi’s Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima, on weekend, made allegations that he had discovered that some people, who are not police officers, have been deployed to polling centres.

As quoted by the Daily Times, he said, “there is a gentleman called Augustine Chihuri who is a former commissioner general of Zimbabwe police, Mugabe’s right hand man.

He is a fugitive on the run and he is responsible for deploying police uniform to DPP Cadets.

“We demand that he leaves this country immediately”. He also said he was aware of plans of “seeding pre-marked ballot papers using some police impersonators”.

The allegations were dismissed by the Electoral Commission  and it was later revealed by sources that the Zimbabwe rigging team was forced to leave the country after Chilima exposed their leader Chihuri.

If they left, it is clear they did not return home as they are still wanted by Harare authorities for crimes commited during President Mugabe’s time.

Presidential candidates main runners:

  • Lazarus Chakwera – Malawi Congress Party – hoping to revive the fortunes of the former ruling party
  • Saulos Chilima – UTM Party – current vice-president running against his boss
  • Peter Mutharika – Democratic Progressive Party – current president running for a second term