In an application filed at Harare High Court on 27 May 2022, Harare residents, who were represented by Paida Saurombe of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

protested that as faithful ratepayers, they are affected by the non-collection of refuse & yet CoH still charge them for garbage collection.

The residents stated that refuse collection has become erratic in the capital city & they are now providing refuse bins for themselves & yet they used to receive them from CoH.

The residents said due to non-collection of refuse, residents had resorted to dumping garbage in their suburbs which is piling up in huge refuse dumps.

As a remedy, the residents want CoH to be ordered by the High Court to clear all rubbish at dumpsites, to publish a refuse collection timetable in newspapers & on its social media platforms & to collect garbage in accordance with the timetable it would have published.

“On behalf of some Harare residents, we have filed an application at High Court seeking an order to compel
@cohsunshinecity & July Moyo of @ministry_local to collect refuse & clear all dumpsites that have accumulated in all wards in the capital city,” says the ZLHR.