Zimbabwe Permanent Secretary of Information, Nick Mangwana has announced that all tenants in the country(commercial and residential) are to be excused from paying rentals, due from April until the current national lockdown ends.

Said Mangwana on Twitter

Cabinet has resolved that there be a moratorium on both commercial and residential evictions due to applicable lease obligations due from April to end of #LockdownZim, including payment of rentals for those months.

Cabinet resolved that unpaid rentals from April to end of #LockdownZim be paid in equal instalments after the declaration of the end lockdown period together with rentals due for those months.

Cabinet resolved that rent deferrals shall be free of any interest charges or penalties of whatever nature.

Landlords and homeowners who have mortgages to pay for which repayments depends on deferred rentals shall also be entitled to the same relief their tenants got in terms of deferrals.