A Chiredzi-based police officer is suing a Renco Mine top boss for having an adulterous affair with his student teacher wife, after a bedroom video clip of the two having s_-ex leaked and went viral.

Alfred Mutepfa is suing Simbarashe Mbano who is the mine’s  Health Safety Environment head of department for RTGS $10 000 for the humiliation and loss of companionship among other things.

A lawyer representing the plaintiff, confirmed the matter and said they expected the matter to be heard soon.

“My client is suing Mbano for a total of RTGS$10 000 for the humiliation he suffered when the videos and n_ude pictures of his wife and Mbano circulated on social media.

He is also suing him for loss of companionship, conjugal rights as well as love and affection since the two separated after the incident,” said the lawyer identified as Vengesai.

Sources say the two began the adulterous affair last year when Mutepfa’s wife Excellent Mutepfa who is a student at Morgenster Teachers College was doing attachment at Fusira Primary School under Chief Nyajena area.

The cheaters’ secret liaison was exposed after Excellent went for sporting activities and claimed that she had been given transport money by her husband’s young brother.

On returning from the sporting event, Mutepfa is said to have asked for Excellent’s phone and discovered that she had been receiving money from Mbano.

Mbano is said to have admitted having an affair during a WhatsApp conversation with Mutepfa and agreed to pay but later on refused saying he did not know that she was married.

Excellent’s behaviour did not only affect her husband but also other ladies who felt that they were suffering at the hands of their husbands who think they behave in the same manner

“I am a young married woman from the community where this lady was teaching and where her nu_de photos and bedroom video went viral. The unfortunate part is my husband wanted to send me to college, but now he is saying all women who go to college do likewise. I’m hurt because I was supposed to be at school, but now my hopes have been shattered because of her,” said one lady on social media

Excellent Mutepfa