MADRON Matiza, a Zanu PF Midlands provincial youth league executive member, this Monday saved scores of students at Rutendo High School, in Redcliff, from the morning showers after he instructed teachers to address the learners who are yet to pay their fees, in the classrooms.

“I was really touched to see umbrella-wielding teachers addressing students in the open and I had to stop my car and talk to the teachers. It is really bad, and non-payment of school fees should not be taken as a heinous crime like murder.

“President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his Second Republic have always reiterated the importance of education and the youths in the accomplishment of Vision 2030,” Matiza told this publication.

Zimbabwean schools opened this Monday for the First Term amid perennial cries from the country’s teachers who continue to bemoan poor remuneration and appalling working conditions.

Government recently moved to introduce free education beginning this term- a move that has been dismissed by analysts and opposition politicians as “political banter” meant to hoodwink the electorate ahead of this year’s harmonised elections.

“They can only roll out free education if they have a budget to support it. An analysis of the budget shows that it is a ridicule budget and we have seen that education in real terms is relegated and made subordinate to the Office of the President and Cabinet, and the budget for rural areas,” said former Education minister and Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) interim treasurer, David Coltart.