It’s a boxing extravaganza in the Midlands!!

The small steel-producing Redcliff town will next month play host to the two-day 5 Million Champions of Champions national boxing tournament to be held at the new Nevada Kingdom Club, the country’s boxing authorities have told this publication.

Speaking to Zwnews Sports in the dormitory town yesterday, Zimbabwe Boxing Federation (ZBF) Technical Director, Steven Masiyambumbi said preparations for the nationally acclaimed annual boxing tourney were on course, adding that they expect the nation’s crème de la crème of the sport to converge at the new Nevada Kingdom Club, owned by Afrika Kusini Business Network.

From the 25th to the 26th of November, 2022, Zimbabwe’s top boxers will battle for honours as the tournament has traditionally been used to select players who represent the country in regional and international boxing contests.

“We are looking forward to an interesting tournament as we expect Zimbabwe’s top boxers to converge at the venue of the tournament,” Masiyambumbi said.

“There are quite a number of players that we are monitoring in the scope of having them considered for future boxing events. As of now, preparations are still on course and we are looking forward to a bumper crowd since Covid-19 restrictions have positively loosened in the last couple of months,” he added.

Redcliff based boxer, Brian ”Enzo Munari” Chibi (pictured above) said he was preparing for the big day.

“I am really happy that the tournament is taking place here, and I have that home advantage which I will obviously put to good use. I have been training for the tournament under the watchful eye of Boss Madro, or the Boss Of the Blacks, who is the proprietor of the Nevada Kingdom Bar and director for Afrika Kusini,” he said.