“THE handful of war veterans insulting the First Family do not represent the sentiment of the generality of war veterans and Zanu-PF structures will not stand by and watch the unwarranted abuse,” said  Zanu-PF Secretary for Adminstration Chombo said.

 “There are individuals who are unbecoming and trouble-makers but the majority respect the party and we work with them well. Those T-shirts insulting the First Lady that you see are not the work of war veterans but a few individuals. It is the duty of the police to deal with those that denigrate the person of the President. That is why you have seen in recent weeks some of them being arrested.”

Chombo was addressing thousands of Zanu-PF supporters gathered at the revolutionary party’s national headquarters in Harare for a solidarity march organised by a group of war veterans led by Mandi Chimene and George Mlala yesterday’

The rally was in solidarity with the First Lady Dr Amai Grace Mugabe following a barrage of insults she is receiving from a section of war veterans and South African media over her violent behaviour against a young model named as Gabriella Engels.