In what could be a rarity and a breath of some fresh air in domestic policing, two pirate motorists from Gwanda, Matabeleland South, were arrested after they allegedly attempted to bribe officers on roadblock duties with ZAR 100.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), the two were arrested on Wednesday this week on two separate occassions.

“On 08/06/22, Police in Gwanda arrested Prince Sibanda (27) and Abednico Ndlovu (31) for bribery. The two, who are mushikashika operators were apprehended on two separate occasions after trying to offer ZAR 100 to police officers on roadblock duties,” tweeted the ZRP.

In other cases currently being handled by the ZRP, the police said they are investigating four cases of robbery involving commutters.

Here is what the ZRP tweeted in relation to the cases:

“Police in Harare are investigating four cases of robbery involving commuters that occurred between June 7th and June 9th, 2022. In one of the incidents on 08/06/22 at around 2100 hours, a 22-year-old man was robbed of US$50, a cell phone, and some personal documents after boarding an unregistered Honda Fit destined for Harare CBD at Puma service station along Ardbernie Rd.

“The vehicle had four occupants, one man and, three women. Along the way, the suspects diverted the route before robbing the complainant of his valuables and forcing him to have sexual intercourse with one of the female suspects. In the second incident on 09/06/22, a man (50) lost US$500 cash, a cellphone, and bank cards to 10 suspects, six women and four men, after boarding an unregistered white Toyota Hiace near ZUPCO garage along Glen Eagles Rd, going to the CBD.

“The 3rd incident occurred in Marlborough on 07/06/22 at about 1000 hours. The victim, a man (20), was robbed of US $40, a wallet and a cell phone after he was offered a lift in a Honda Fit vehicle which had five occupants, two men and three women, destined for Avonlea, Harare. The suspects kidnapped the complainant and took him to an unknown house where they slept together and later released him on 08/06/22 at about 1500 hours. #notocrime