Cyril Ramaphosa has been re-elected as President, getting 283 votes from a newly constituted National Assembly.

In line with the coalition vote which has made Ramaphosa the re-elected President of South Africa, all parties were allowed to give a speech, with the DA reiterating that the South African voters bade a new era of coalition politics.

EFF upheld its position of contesting any marriage of convenience with white monopoly capital. Malema who spoke for EFF told the President-elect that history would judge him harshly for betraying the wishes of black South Africans.

IFP hailed the election of the President-Elect as a new era, pledging conditional support which enable IFP to retain its distinctiveness as a Party.

An emotionally overcome leader of Patriotic Alliance, pledged his support for the GNU which he said gave every part a second chance.

SA is under a Government of National Unity after the African National Congress failed to get the required to form a Government.