A 20-year old black student from South African university has finally spoken out on the circumstances surrounding his recording of a video of a white student who was filmed while urinating on a study desk with books and a laptop on it.

The video, which has since gone viral on social media, was widely condemned by internet users on various social networking platforms, with a remarkable number of them successfully calling for the expulsion of perpetrator, Theuns du Toit (below).

20-year old University of Stellenbosch first-year student, Babalo Ndwayana, was quoted as saying that he initially wanted to physically fight the racist white student before changing his mindset following instructions from a neighbour who warned him over such actions.

Ndwayana, who is studying agricultural business management, told Sowetan Live in a no-holds-barred interview that:

“After he started urinating my initial thought was to fight him, but a neighbour who heard what was happening came and told me to rather film him because I will get in trouble and the whole thing will turn into me assaulting him.”

Following the incident, Ndwayana said his laptop is no longer working properly.

“My laptop is not working. I got this laptop this year for school. It switches on but it isn’t charging properly. All my notes were also urinated on.”

On the other hand, his father, Mkuseli Kaduka also cited his son’s safety as an issue of priority following the sad development.

“He has only been away from his family for a few months and for this to happen is really heartbreaking. He was enjoying himself. This incident came as a surprise to us because nothing had happened before, he was happy,” he said.

Kaduka also added saying:

“My initial feeling was anger and then I felt powerless because he is in Stellenbosch and I am in East London. My son has only been away from us and the protection of his parents for a few months, so for this to happen now is really heartbreaking.”


According to Kaduka, his son is now ‘overwhelmed and has become withdrawn’ following the incident.


“He is not the most bubbly person but I am worried about him and that he won’t be able to cope with his studies.”


Kaduka further revealed that his family is contemplating opening a case of damage to property and intimidation against the disgraced white student.