A Harare prophet commonly known as Pastor Paul Sanyangora has become more controversial after performing a rare act that left many wondering if he had actually done the unthinkable..WALKING ON WATER.

pastor prophet paul sanyangore walk on water fake miracle in harare

sanyangore on water?

Several sources at the Glen Lorn swimming pool in Harare where the alleged miracle took place expressed shock that people have been hoodwinked by cheap tricks and illusions that have been used by old fashioned magicians to deceive viewers.

pastor prophet paul sanyangore walk on water

paul sanyangore

Those who made a good look of the swimming pool during the act said Sanyangore has created a very clever illusion of walking on water.

He used an almost colourless water submerged  plastic platform with clear frames invisible from lower visual angles and distances of more than 10 metres.

The plastic platform used in this ‘miracle’ is impossible to detect from the angle these photos were taken from.

This explains why such acts and so called ‘prophetic miracles’ are never done in open rivers and lakes as they present a serious logistical problem and they can not support the walking platforms.