This message circulating online was forwarded to us:

By Rudo Changamire: Aguma acts like beta lactam antibiotics, it is viriocidal, it kills viruses but making them burst. Unlike ARVs which are viriostatic, Aguma is showing a positive change in the cure of AIDS.
Under an electron microscope study at HIT, Aguma showed a high volatility towards HIV virus, all 1,2 and 3 subtypes working toward cd4, and crs5 glycoprotein binding inhibition, and reverse transcriptase and protease and ligase enzymes inhibition, aguma is able to achieve a job which seemed to be complex for the past 50 years of Aids pandemic.
In vivo and in vitro, aguma has a high affinity towards every viral protein, and it is able to read all the sequences of a viral protein to that of human and bacterial protein. In vivo and in vitro aguma kills every viral strain in human blood and animal blood.
It has got a selective lysis ability and a dose of 120mg ,bd, po x 6/52 left a human clean and free from AIDS. Aguma is the way to go.

Zimbabweans this is our time to show the world that we can, let’s support our researchers, so that we can go 100% local content in everything we do.
Without doing so, we can’t say that we are free from colonialism, so let adjust our minds and support such researches and be a free Nation

Rudo Changamire