A Harare based Prophet T. Sawana has issued a chilling warning to Zimbabweans that if they do not solve the current economic and political problems a civil war is going to erupt in the country and it will be so catastrophic that it will invite other nations to join in for peace keeping.

In a video posted on Sunday on Prophet Sawana said,

“The Lord said to me I must give another warning to Zimbabwe. There is something coming more worse that we have seen before, so we need to pray for Zimbabwe. 

“God told me that they need to fix issues now or cry tomorrow. They have two options either to swallow their pride and fix issues now or cry tomorrow. I saw a big demonstration bigger than the ones that have taken place. This demonstration is starting peacefully but am seeing civilians now with guns, ordinary people bringing out AK 47 to fight against security forces. 

“I began to see a lot of confusion and political unrest in the country of Zimbabwe. I began to see helicopters all over the country. I began to see armored men shooting from above and from the ground. Hundreds were dying and blood was spilling. 

“I saw a meting being held which was full of a lot of white people. In that meeting a command was given by a certain lady who said we must send troops to Zimbabwe. I saw big war planes landed at the Harare International airport. Armoured vehicles began to move. I saw these foreign troops had Africans and some whites and I saw war in Zimbabwe.

“God said this is a warning if they do not fix things now.”

On Monday Minister of Home Affairs Ambassador Cain Ndabazekhaya Ginyilitshe Mathema fired warning shots at demonstrators saying if the would be demonstrate outside the law they would face the full wrath of the law. 

Mathema said the police are capacitated enough to deal with illegal demonstrators.