Image: iHarare

One of Zimbabwe’s leading property development mogul Ken Sharpe is looking to expand his channels to inspire the youth lately.

He is set to launch a new inspirational podcast The Phoenix Podcast as part of his recent stance to publicly inspire Zimbabweans on business ventures.

The podcast will start airing in February 2023, his social media team says.

Announcing the news, his pages detailed what the podcast intended to do;

“Podcast coming soon.

#ThePhoenixPodcast – there is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. New Podcast coming soon February 2023.

“In #ThePhoenixPodcast with Ken Sharpe, look forward to uplifting and challenging topics of discussion on family, faith, adventure, business, motivation and above all life’s crucial nuggets of wisdom to live by shared guests through their life-changing stories #kensharpe #thephoenixpodcast#makingadiference #paytiforward #faith #family #business #motivation #podcast #zimbabwe #international,” Sharpe’s social media pages announced.

Ken, an award-winning property business mogul and West Properties CEO has been using his social media handles including Tiktok to document some of the discussions that target the youth.

Some discussions have been around his family, faith, start-up businesses and random motivation around life.

In one of his popular videos on Tiktok, the business mogul advises business people on how to invest and start businesses with a little amount in Zimbabwe.

Watch below;

@kensharpezim How would you use $10 000 right here in Zimbabwe? #kensharpe#makingadifference#payitforward#🤙🏻#zimtiktok#onebrickatatime#propertydevelopment#zimbabwetiktok🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼#leadership#zimbabwe#10k♬ original sound –

Ken Sharpe is the first Zimbabwean businessman to be featured in, and receive the Forbes Africa Best of Africa Most Innovative CEO Award.

He has been leading the successful property company WestProp which has seen a rise of upmarket modern homes such as the famed Pamona City around the capital city.