Following serious allegations being levelled against me by Fadziso Doyce nee Jena, I am temporarily recusing myself from the position of Tajamuka spokesperson to save the movement from my personal troubles and to take time to clear my name and allow my colleagues to take a look at the allegations.

I will continue to serve and participate in Tajamuka activities but no longer in the capacity of its spokesperson.

Thank you. God bless you all.

Promise Mkwananzi


Below is one of the unedited messages allegedly exposing Tajamuka-Mnangagwa connection..>> warning: this could be CIO destroying a very hardworking patriotic young man

If Promise Mkwananzi asks for money DO NOT GIVE IT TO HIM!!!! He is a thief, a liar and a Mnangagwa employee. At one point I was giving him almost $2000 a week for Tajamuka, taking care of his wife and family who he claimed where in danger.

Promise was lying about who he was.

We even bought him a car for Tajamuka which he claimed Tajamuka needed for the struggle. He was supposed to be paying others weekly which he lied about . He was supposed to be getting involved in the demo for bond notes for Tajamuka. Little did we know he was working for ED and was lying and wasting our money.

I have compiled everything and have all the evidence and I dare him to say I am lying. I even ran the Tajamuka page for him. At one point I was going to help one of the Tajamuka boys Silvanos but Promise said no don’t help him because he is lying.

He claimed Silvanos was lying about being abducted. He claimed Silvanos was actually attacked by the husband of the woman he was having an affair with so I should not help him. At one point I was on the Tajamuka page and contacted by a woman’s organization wanting to help. At that point Promise confronted and asked why I had contacted her – she turned out to be Maureen Kademunga.

He said stay away from her she is sleeping with Supa Mandiwanzira.

Overall we spend over $50000 on Tajamuka and Promise thinking we were fighting the struggle when really we were just financing a ZANU PF operative who we latter discover stole money from youth groups, MDC and was a political prostitute who caused discord wherever he went.

Please do not give Promise Mkwananzi money you will regret it.