A self-styled prophet of Madzibaba Enguvo Tsvuku church has disappeared after allegedly raping a 16-year-old girl who had been consulting fo healing.

The prophet, popularly known as Madzibaba Joshua, could not be found at his shrine at the growth point when people went there looking for him last week.

Ward 18 Councillor Albert Mashiri said women and children must be wary of dubious churches sprouting everywhere and their so-called prophets.

“There is a case of rape involving Madzibaba Joshua which is currently being investigated by the police. When we heard about the matter, we visited the victim’s place of residence together with a team from the department of social welfare and the Justice for Children (JCT) and we compiled our own reports,” said Mashiri.

The victim, who is from Nyajena, is said to be a form three school dropout who was employed as a housemaid at Rutenga.