Former deputy Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Professor Arthur Mutambara is launching the 4th volume of his book titled In search of the elusive Zimbabwean dream in Bulawayo today.

Speaking prior to the launch set for 5 pm today, Mutambara said no one but Zimbabweans alone can solve the country’s problems.

He said in the 4th volume, he addresses not only the Zimbabwean, African problem, but global challenges as well.

The book’s major strength perhaps is premised on the fact that Mutambara was not an outsider to the ongoing political processes but was intimately involved and thus exposed to all the political shadow-boxing, grandstanding and manoeuvres that were part and parcel of the political marriage.

The Oxford-trained Zimbabwean academic Professor, Mutambara given his background as a scholar, he does not limit the political processes he wants to capture in the book to events in Zimbabwe alone, but he gives an all-encompassing view on what is happening on Africa’s political and economic landscape.

Apparently, Mutambara was an ardent supporter of the national liberation project, at one point he even described late former President Robert Mugabe as “our upright and incorruptible revolutionary”.

However, when the revolution went off the rails as corrupt and autocratic leaders subverted the people’s struggle and he personally matured both intellectually and ideologically, he committed himself to fight against them and fight for social justice, prosperity and economic independence.

It is important to note that at this point Mutambara had changed his high school political ideology based on the one-party state which had made him win a national essay prize for his convincing defence of the one-party system to a scientific socialist ideology inspired by the likes of Che Guevera, Malcolm X and Marxist-Lennin ( his personal heroes.

Mutambara was appointed Deputy Prime Minister together with Thokozani Khupe on February 11, 2009, in a power-sharing agreement that included ZANU PF, MDC-T and MDC-N.

He has written several books which include Mechatronics and Robotics: Design and Applications (Control)(May 2000), Decentralized Estimation and Control with Applications to a modular robot (1994), and Design and Analysis of Control Systems (1999).