GOVERNMENT has been urged to prioritise the needs of the health, education and agricultural sectors in the 2021 national budget.

The people of Chimanimani converged at the Nedziwa Growth Point this Monday to air their views on what should constitute the country’s next budget.

Of note called for increased fiscal allocation to the health, education and agricultural sectors.

“We would like to see the health sector being capacitated to be able to run its mandate….The educational sector should also be allocated enough budget because we are very much worried as parents with how wild our children have become outside and inside school…

“Our expectations are that the government will channel enough budget towards affordable inputs so that we are able to grow our own food at household level….,” they said.

Chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Development, Emma Ncube and session Chairperson, Joshua Sacco encouraged citizens to participate in the, outreach programmes, describing the platform as one of the most effective ways for contributing towards policy formulation.

“We were impressed by the turn out in terms of numbers. Our wish is that citizens should grab this platform to contribute their opinions on whatever policy or steps government embark on….

“As one of the local legislators in this district I was delighted to hear both the young and the old presenting their opinions towards their budget expectations. This is what all communities should do because this is a platform without discrimination where anyone can freely speak out…..,” they said.

Meanwhile, public consultations on the budget formulation are continuing across the Manicaland Province this week with the public encouraged to maintain COVID-19 health guidelines. -ZBC