Award-winning DJ and music producer Prince Kaybee ruffled some feathers this week with his comments on rape.

While the intention of his tweet seems to encourage rape victims, many found his statement problematic.

The issue of rape was a hot topic on social media following news that the National Prosecuting Authority will not be prosecuting DJ duo Thato “DJ Fresh” Sikwane and Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi.

A woman accused the DJs of drugging and raping her and three other women at a party in Johannesburg in 2011.

She laid a charge at the Sunnyside police station on January 13.

The NPA confirmed to IOL Entertainment there were no prospects of “a successful prosecution on the available evidence because the evidence is insufficient”.

While the “Fetch Your Life” hitmaker did not make any reference to DJ Fresh or Euphonik, he made an impassioned plea.

“Please report rape immediately,” he wrote.

Many Twitter users responded to Kaybee saying that reporting it immediately was not always possible.

Others told of their own experiences of reporting early but how it made no difference to the outcome.

One user took Kaybee to task saying that people who have not experienced rape should not comment on it.

“I personally feel that no one can comment on an issue they’ve never faced, rape is not only a physical act, it comes with a lot of trauma.

“There’s a lot of psychological trauma, shame and a lot of other things you can’t explain to people who have never been victims. Thulani shem,” tweeted the user.

Kaybee hit back saying that one did not need to experience something to raise awareness on it.

“O buwa masepa wena, we must not raise awareness and alert people about the right thing to do because we haven’t gone through them??? So a person that didn’t go to school cannot advise a child to go to school?


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Raising awareness about social issues and head-spearing a profession you did not study for is two different things mate.


He’s not directly talking to your kind of situation… I also did but my perpetrator walked but I understand what he’s saying.



Even if you have proof of penetration, they will say there is no proof that the sex was not consensual… Its easier said than done, mostly victims are further victimised by police officers with their nasty comments.



It’s not easy reporting rape immediately 😐it takes time to sink in. Some people are brave enough tonreport it immediately some victims are not that brave and they might not get any emotional support concerning this matter.



True, but we must also understand that people respond to trauma differently. Some people take time to respond while bottling the pain and at times blaiming themselves for the crime.