South African police have arrested wanted gangster Preymore Dube who shot and killed a top detective while resisting arrest.

Images of the thug holding guns have been circulating online with police appealing for help from members of the public.

Authorities have said that the Bulawayo born armed robber shot Sowaton police captain Oupa Matjie (54) 3 times on the head and he died on the spot.

Said the police:

The murder occurred on around 7pm at corner Jabulani and Stability street Extention 3, Diepsloot.
Members of Diepsloot SAPS detective services were on duty following up on information of house robbery suspects and the information turned up to be helpful.
They called for backup, Eco group from Diepsloot SAPS responded and they joined the detectives who went with the operation.
They were with the victim of the house robbery who identified the suspect in the open fields grounds and the police chased the suspect.
The suspect started shooting at police and police fired back, missing the suspect who walked in the direction of Captain Matjie.
Captain matjie grabbed the suspect, but was overpowered, and shot three times in the head and died on the spot.
The suspect, who shot and killed the Captain is Preymore Dube from Zimbabwe, and he ran away.

Police have not yet issued a statement following the arrest.

Thug life: Wanted Zim man Preymore Dube poses with guns in South Africa

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