Chief Director Strategic Communications, Presidential Communications, Office of the President and Cabinet, Dr Anyway Mutambudzi (pictured) has labelled renowned investigative journalist Hopewell Chin’ono a threat to national security for saying ZANU PF government has failed to maintain Birchenough Bridge.

“Do you know that the ZANUPF government has failed to maintain the Birchenough bridge?

“It now takes 3 cars at a time, and at times one car at a time. That is the ZANU PF legacy comrade,” said Chin’ono.

However, in response to the post Mutambudzi said: “Your output shows deep hatred to ZANU PF.

“Given that ZANU PF is the ruling party that was mandated to form a government, your work is also a threat to government and by implication to the state and nation.

“Your output seeks to put a wedge between citizens on one side and the ruling party, government and the state on the other.

“In summary some of your posts, including their sum total effect, are a threat to national security,” said Mutambudzi.

He went on to say that Zimbabwe is beautiful:

“I show in the pictures below the Save River at Birchenough Bridge, Manicaland Province, as it winds its way to the ocean.

“Save River lies in southeastern Africa, starts 50 miles (80 km) south of Harare on the Zimbabwe high-veld and flows to the ocean through Mozambique joining with Odzi, Deure and Runde rivers being the major catchments.

“After its confluence with the Odzi, it turns south, drops over the Chivirira (Place of Boiling) Falls and is joined by the Runde River at the Mozambique border.

“The river continues as the Save, following an east-northeasterly course to its mouth near Mambone on the Mozambique Channel of the Indian Ocean.

“The river is navigable by light craft for 100 miles (160 km) from its mouth into the ocean.

“Runde River’s catchment is a substantial input into Save and it’s major tributaries include the Ngezi River, Tokwe River, Mutirikwe River and Chiredzi River.”